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Fast and efficient
With no delay involved, you issue the policy yourself directly

Low Cost
Our exceptionally low premiums ensure that your clients’ conveyancing costs are as
economic as possible

Monthly Invoice Scheme
Save time and postage with our monthly invoice scheme. Only make one payment per month for multiple policies. If you purchase more than 10 policies per month please call 020 7397 4363 for more information.

Wide ranging cover
For all routine residential and non-residential insurance requirements with limits up to £3m

Support and Advice
Our helpline service is open from 8.30am to 5.30pm daily on 020 7397 4363

Also available as a pack
Ring our helpline and we will send you a pack straightaway

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These policies are suitable where the risk is historic and there is no intention to change the use or to develop the property. Self-issue policies are only available for use by solicitors or licensed conveyancers.